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Accessories_HumidAir_heroimage.jpg.CROP.thumbnail.453X343Somnodent Fusion

SomnoDent Fusion™ is an innovation on our original design with the fusion of wing and screw calibration. Titration can be performed precisely with the screw or easily advanced 1mm at a time by changing the wings. This system provides less lateral movement with titration thus more comfort for the patient as their device is advanced.

Fusion™ allows 7.5mm of forward protrusion and 0.5mm backward adjustment, this additional room for titration means less bite resets. Fusion is ideal should you wish to be more conservative with your patients initial starting position, as you have extended advancement options.



Adjusting SomnoDent Fusion

  • Additional 2mm Advancement
  • Less Lateral Movement with Titration
  • Reduced Bite Resets
  • Increased Wing Strength
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • OSA Treatment Guarantee