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Panthera D-SAD

The Panthera Dental team uses its own proprietary software to design the Panthera D-SAD. From a 3D scan of the stone model or intra-oral scanning, each device is designed specifically for your patient. Thanks to our state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology, you will obtain a perfectly adapted device, unlike hand-crafted appliances. Our procedure provides more predictability for a completely customized device.

What is it?

The Panthera D-SAD is a dental appliance that can be used for the treatment of snoring and/or obstructive sleep apnea.

The appliance is made of type 12 polyamide, a resistant biocompatible nylon.

Who can use it?

The Panthera D-SAD is recommended to be prescribed for the treatment of snoring, mild to moderate sleep apnea, and severe sleep apnea for patients who do not tolerate the CPAP treatment or comply with it1.

1American Academy of Sleep Medicine American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine Clinical Practice Guidelines - 2015.

What else?

The Panthera D-SAD is the smallest device in the industry and it is the only one that is entirely printed using CAD/CAM technology.


CAD/CAM Technology






FDA Approved


5-Year Warranty


Fast Turnaround Time

The D-SAD Goes Fully Digital

A digital appliance needs a digital impression. From now on, you can send your intra-oral scan instead of regular impressions to order a Panthera D-SAD.


Technology at Its Finest

Compatible with the latest intra-oral technologies from:
TRIOS® from  from Align Technology and True Definition from . The procedure is now simpler and improves the patients' overall experience.

More Precision

No more stone models means no more material expansion, breakage during transportation or porosity. Digital files never get old, are easy to archive and more importantly, can be immediately validated if they are accurate and complete.


Faster Turnaround Time

By using digital impressions, save up to 3 days* on regular turnaround time for a Panthera D-SAD.