AirFit P10 for Her Headgear Assembly

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The AirFit P10 for Her replacement headgear strap holds your ResMed nasal pillow mask in place. The strap is a fabric material that will stretch over time and need replace to provide optimal comfort and performance. Oils from the users hair can also damage the strap over time which is why it is important to clean it regularly. Proper care and cleaning of the headgear means it should be washed weekly using mild soap, rinsed well, and allowed to air dry. Do not wash the mask or headgear in a washing machine or dishwasher.

The QuickFit headgear promotes a good fit without the need of Velcro tabs or clips. The elastic fabric headgear is designed to fit snugly. The split back straps can be widened apart for a looser fit or narrowed together for a tighter fit. The AirFit P10 for Her features a gray and pink headgear. The gray