Resmed AirFit F20 for Her Headgear Only

Replacement headgear for the ResMed AirFit F20 Full Face CPAP Mask.

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The AirFitâ„¢ F20 for Her headgear strap is designed to give the patient that extra softness and stability that is so important for a good fit. The magnetic clips that come with the headgear help to guide the headgear to fit the frame with ease.The headgear is designed to reach above the ears and over the crown of the head before connecting at the base of the head. With 4 headgear connection points, the 2 upper straps connect at the top of the mask frame, while the lower 2 straps connect to magnets on the base of the mask frame.

This headgear includes two magnetic headgear clips which allow the user to easily clip the headgear into place. The AirFitâ„¢ F20 for Her replacement headgear is available in small, lavender in color.

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