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Hospital-Accessories-RPSII_heroimage.jpg.CROP.thumbnail.453X343ResMed Power Station II (RPS II)

Go everywhere with your device

No outlet? No problem. The lightweight RPS II battery lets you use your ResMed sleep therapy or ventilation device for up to 13 hours while you're away from an outlet or stuck in a power outage. Great for travelers!

Key features

  • As light (2 lbs) and small as a 5x7" picture frame, so you can easily pack it and go.
  • Provides convenient power for up to 13 hours.
  • Delivers convenient backup during power outages and when power is not available.
  • Ideal for travel where power is unreliable, or when additional mobility is required.
  • Can be mounted on the back of a wheelchair.
  • Includes battery, power supply unit adapter and carry bag.
  • Suitable for adult and pediatric patients.