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WatchPAT and Your Patient

watchpat-200Sleep apnea is one of the most underdiagnosed ailments in medicine, due in part to the fact that many patients simply are unwilling or unable to be tested in a sleep laboratory. Many patients readily admit feeling uncomfortable spending a night at a monitoring facility, hooked up to sensors and equipment while they sleep. Rather than endure this perceived hardship in an attempt to obtain a definitive diagnosis of sleep apnea that would then lead to treatment, many patients instead choose to continue life with sleep apnea.

WatchPAT has removed this patient hurdle without sacrificing diagnostic accuracy, and avoids contact with the face and head, a major benefit (and large cause of study failure) when compared to other ambulatory devices. With this advanced technology, all the patient has to do is slip WatchPAT on their wrist, apply the oximeter, the snore and the body position sensors, and the patient is ready to conduct self-testing in the comfort of his or her own bed. WatchPAT performs the following tasks:

  • Screen for sleep apnea: In patients who are healthy in appearence.
  • Diagnose sleep apnea: Validated results confirm RDI and AHI.
  • Monitor treatment: Retesting with WatchPAT provides you with valuable information about whether treatment may need adjustment.

Some of the benefits associated with at-home testing with WatchPAT are obvious. This portable device can help patients take an active role in monitoring and perhaps, improving their health. Moreover, it offers privacy and convenience — the most sought after elements of a sleep test — because testing is conducted at home. Finally, WatchPAT provides quick results, which allows you to begin treatment immediately.

“Health Starts with a Good Night’s Sleep”

WatchPAT_Downloads1_desc2_4_2_1366878409WatchPAT represents the best that 21st century medicine and science have to offer for at-home testing. Thanks to WatchPAT’s ease-of-use and automated data analysis, your patients don’t have to wait to get their diagnosis. Once they return the WatchPAT to your office, you download the information into your computer and receive an immediate detailed sleep report. It is recommended that such test report be review by a Board-certified sleep physician who can review and optionally override the results according to their expertise. This instantaneous report generation—compared to a lengthy wait in most hospital-based settings—allows you to initiate sleep apnea treatment the same day and without delay for your patient.