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WatchPAT Validations

WatchPAT 200Numerous validation studies demonstrated a high degree of correlation in RDI and AHI between WatchPAT and PSG sleep studies. With WatchPAT, both RDI and AHI scores are highly reproducible, showing correlation between home and in-laboratory sleep studies.

WatchPAT has excellent reliability with minimal failure rate (1%) during data acquisition or data analysis, and minimal technician time compared to PSG.

WatchPAT monitors changes in peripheral arterial tone and activity, as well as in blood oxygen saturation levels. It also identifies sleep apnea events just like the equipment used inPSG sleep studies performed in hospital sleep labs.

WatchPAT has been the subject of numerous clinical trials resulting in over 130 peer-reviewed papers and abstracts. Of these, 13 manuscripts validate WatchPAT by comparing it head-to-head with full polysomnography (PSG). In fact, more validation articles vs. PSG have been published in peer-reviewed journals about WatchPAT than with any other portable sleep-testing device.

WatchPAT is the most precise, user-friendly ambulatory sleep apnea diagnostic tool available. Its groundbreaking combination of technology and ease of use is unparalleled.