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WatchPAT 200

Millions of people suffer from sleep apnea and go undiagnosed every year. When left untreated sleep apnea can increase:

  • The risk of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, heart attack and stroke
  • The risk of car and occupational accidents
  • The risk of male impotency
  • Day time fatigue and cognitive impairment

Through a variety of treatments, sleep apnea can be well managed. Some of the most common treatments are CPAP, dental appliances such as MADs (mandibular advancement devices), LAUP (Laser-assisted uvulopalatoplasty), Radiofrequency Ablation and ENT surgery.

The key to proper treatment starts with proper diagnosis. At home sleep testing is now available as an alternative to full night sleep study with PSG in the sleep lab and will allow more people to be diagnosed and offered treatment.

Today, there are a number of at home sleep diagnostic options available in the market, but WatchPAT is unique; It provides more clinical data than any other device, it does not require sensors and electrodes all over the body and as such is the most patient convenient option. It is well validated along with PSG and of course is FDA cleared and meets AASM standards.

WatchPAT technology was voted top 10 innovation in 2010 by the Cleveland Clinic.

We believes sleep testing should be comfortable for the patient; reliable, proven, and cost effective. Through the exclusive PAT® technology, sleep apnea can be diagnosed without the need for nasal cannulas or effort belts. It is the only device that measures real sleep time and sleep stages without the use of EEG electrodes attached to the head. Worn on the patient’s wrist,
it uses a noninvasive finger mounted probe, making the WatchPAT as easy and comfortable as wearing a watch.

The patient wears the WatchPAT at night and the next day returns it to download the study raw signals and for generating a comprehensive sleep study report automatically using Itamar’s zzzPAT software.

And now, because time and efficiency is of the essence, we offer a NEW option for you to use our Cloud based remote software. You can download the study raw signals locally through an internet application and have it automatically analyzed in the Cloud. You will be able to access your patient’s data, anywhere and at anytime.

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