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The Moses

5008428d12c7dfd4b266dea7146046ec_ir0t_z98vThe Moses® appliance has been shown to be the most effective oral airway dilator available for dentists to use in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). By incorporating tongue management, the Moses appliance has improved on the effectiveness of simple mandibular advancement splints. The Moses appliance has been shown to activate reflexes to advance the tongue, lower elevator muscle activity, reduce clenching and decrease bruxism. The two part design is very comfortable, allowing the patient to close their lips, talk and even sip water.

The Moses appliance was invented by Dr. Allen Moses DDS, DABCP, DABDSM. Dr. Moses holds a faculty appointment as an assistant professor of Rush University Medical School in the Department of Sleep Disorders. He is a Diplomate of both the American Board of Cranio-facial Pain and the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine.

Dr. Moses selected Modern Dental Laboratory USA as exclusive manufacturer and distributor of the Moses appliance world-wide.
The Moses® appliance works in the following ways:

  • Supports the lower jaw in a forward position of low muscle activity and it prevents collapse of the tongue on the pharynx
  • Increases volume of space for the tongue in the mouth
  • Dilates pharyngeal muscles, lifts the drooping soft palate
  • Raises the position of the hyoid bone relative to cranial base
  • Lowers elevator muscle activity, reduces clenching, decreases or prevents bruxism

Additional, advantages of The Moses® appliance:

  • Activates tongue protruding reflexes resulting in tongue advancement
  • Elevates tongue to the hard palate and increases nasal air flow
  • Allows lip seal
  • Corrects dysphagia
  • Comfortable and adjustable


Primary indication is for the treatment of snoring & obstructive sleep apnea in the mild to moderate range, as diagnosed and prescribed by a board certified sleep physician. The patient must have at least 9 healthy teeth on each arch. The Moses can be utilized to treat OSA patients that are in the severe range, under the prescription and guidance of a board certified sleep physician, when alternatives such as CPAP have been unsuccessful or not tolerated by the patient.


    • Central or Mixed Apnea
    • First line therapy for Severe OSA
    • TMJ disorders
    • Under the age of 18
    • Periodontally involved teeth, loose dental work, multiple missing teeth, dentures or any oral condition that would be adversely affected by wearing a dental device that maintains the mandible in a protrusive position.