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ApneaLink Plus

http___www.resmedialibrary.com_library_wpcontent_uploads_2011_02_ApneaLinkPlus.web_ResMed’s ApneaLink™ Plus is a Type III home sleep testing diagnostic device that offers your patients the option of having a sleep test in the convenience and comfort of their own home. Cost effective and easy to use, it’s designed for clear diagnosis and time savings.

The ApneaLink Plus records respiratory effort, pulse, oxygen saturation and nasal flow, and reports apneas, hypopneas, flow limitation, snoring, blood oxygen saturation and the probability of Cheyne–Stokes respiration (CSR) breathing patterns.

The ApneaLink™ Plus device is indicated for use by Health Care Professionals (HCP), where it may aid in the diagnosis of sleep disordered breathing for adult patients. ApneaLink Plus records the following data: patient respiratory nasal airflow, snoring, blood oxygen saturation, pulse and respiratory effort during sleep. The device uses these recordings to produce a report for the HCP that may aid in the diagnosis of sleep disordered breathing or for further clinical investigation.

  • Home sleep diagnosis made simple, fast and easy to use
  • ApneaLink™ Plus with EasySense technology
  • Sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) is recognized as a serious health problem that impacts approximately one in every five adults.
  • Now, the detection of this chronically debilitating condition has been made easier.

While the recording is being downloaded, the ApneaLink program automatically analyzes the data in the background. This is done on the basis of preset scientific analysis parameters that can be changed if required.

Features and Benefits

cinturon_refuerzo_respiratorioNew features for clearer screening, time saving and potential increased reimbursement:

  • Effort belt with EasySense respiratory effort sensor
  • Enhanced recorder light status; improved Start/Stop button
  • Simple, easy-to-use component connectors
  • Same robust design as ApneaLink

In addition to features included in the original ApneaLink device, the ApneaLink Plus offers:

  • Differentiation of apneas – leads to clearer diagnosis and more accurate, effective reports
  • New prescription page – streamlines process for healthcare professionals
  • Configurable analysis parameters – allow for the adjustment of obstructive and central apnea thresholds
  • Five measurements of oxygen saturation – allow for accurate billing documentation